Products I Use

It is my belief that the products I use with clients should be of high quality and beneficial to their wellness. 

For lotion I primarily use Pure Pro products. I love that they are good for all skin types including sensitive and fragile. They are hypoallergenic, nut and paraben free, and vegan. I also use therapeutic concentrate arnica oil and essential oils from Pure Pro. In addition to my satisfaction with the high quality products I love that they are made in the region; Greenfield, MA!


When a client has a preference or need for oil rather than lotion I am pleased to use pure jojoba from the Jojoba Company. Jojoba comes from the seed of the jojoba plant. Pure jojoba like this is safe for newborns and everyone else. It is non-allergenic. This is my go to product for anyone who has a sensitivity to lotions or who prefers a Swedish style session.

There are other products I use with clients such as Biofreeze, Cryoderm, Helios, and Topricin but I will always ask you before I put it on your body! You are welcome to read the labels as well. Promotional literature about some is available upon request. 

It is my goal to provide a high quality session every single time a client enters the treatment room, starting with the products I use.